Anders Bardal

About Him:

private things

full name: Anders Bardal


birthday: 24th August 1982


place of birth: Steinkjer


high: 6ft 1/2inch (184cm)

weight: 9st 7lb (60kg)

family: unmarried, 1 sister



sporty things

year of beginning: 19

1st WC Jump:

team: Steinkjer Skiklubb

trainer: Mika Kojonkoski

Skier: Elan

record: 212,5m in Harrachov (9th March 2003)

victories and successes:

2000/2001:  53rd place worldcup
2002           Olympia in Salt Lake City:
                  25th place hill (hillsize: big), 27th place hill (hillsize: normal), 9th place team
2002           Skiflying-World-Championship in Harachov: 15
2002           Norwegian Champion hill (hillsize: big and normal)
2001/2002: 36th place worldcup
2002/2003: 42nd place worldcup
2003/2004: 32nd place worldcup

2004/2005: No participation on competions (till Bad Mitterndorf) and Vierschanzen-Tournee/Four Hills Tournament)

                 1st and 1st place in Planica (Slovenia) (ContinentalCup)

                 34th and 19th place in Titisee/Neustadt (Germany)

                 43rd and 42nd place in Zakopane (Poland)

                 No participation in Sapporo (Japan)

                 34th place in Pragelato (Italy)

                 No participation in Oberstdorf (Germany) (WC)

                 No participation in Lahti and Kuopio (Finland)

                 36th in Lillehammer (Norway)

                 27th place in Oslo (Norway)

                 19th place in Planica (Slovenia)

                 total result: 54th place (28 points)

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